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Why Recycle?

Recycling helps to protect the environment though resource conservation, energy saving, and ultimately reducing the amount of waste that ends up being burnt or placed in landfill and/or our oceans. Burning waste produces dioxins - one of the most toxic chemicals known to man - and worldwide households produce billions of tonnes of waste a year.

Clearly there is a problem. One which will not go away by itself.

Did you know?

  • Each year we use enough Christmas wrapping paper to stretch around the equator nine times
  • An average every person in the UK throws away their own body weight in rubbish every seven weeks
  • Each day, we produce enough rubbish to fill Trafalgar Square to the height of Nelson's Column
  • Every tonne of paper recycled saves 17 trees
  • The plastic that is contained within the casing of a printer cartridges can take up to 1000 years to decompose
  • Once an aluminium can is recycled it can be part of new can within six weeks
  • As much as 50% of waste in the average dustbin could be composted


Whether you are an individual or a business you can play a role in protecting the environment. To find out what you can recycle locally – enter your postcode here. 

Can it be Recycled?

Majority of waste can be recycled in one form or another, either through re-use of the whole product, re-use of the components, energy recovery, or breaking down the components into raw materials ready for re-manufacture.

For information and guidance on what products and materials can be recycled and how, click here


Recycling Bank Locator

The recycling bank locator is a handy tool that can help you find the recycling banks close to your home, all you need is a postcode.

Recycling in the Home

  • Keep a recycling container next to your general waste bin – to make it easy to segregate the recyclable items
  • Do you know if your local council offers a kerbside recycling scheme? To find out more information about kerbside collections or the location your nearest recycling centre, use the postcode locator or contact your local council   
  • Most supermarkets will have a range of recycling banks for glass bottles, cans, and paper… so make sure you take your recyclable goods with you!
    There are all sorts of glass jars that can be recycled from the kitchen – all you need to do is give them a rinse and collect them with your other glass to be recycled.  
  • Have you looked in your bathroom? Shampoo and bubble bath bottles are often forgotten. Why not put a recycling bin in your bathroom to collect all the empty plastic bottles and cardboard tubes from toilet rolls?
  • Compost improves the condition of your soil and your plants and flowers will be thankful too! You can purchase a home composting bin at your local garden centre and get started today
    Most mobile phones can now be recycled. There are over 90 million redundant phones in the UK! There are a number of companies that you can send your mobile phone to to be recycled, and this can even generate you a revenue