Hunter x Glastonbury Competition

Terms and Conditions

Festival tickets include the name and photograph of each individual ticket holder. When submitting names we require each individual's registration number. If the ticket holder already has a registration number they can look this up here or can submit a new registration here.

Any tickets that are found to be offered for transfer or sale will be cancelled, and the ticket holders refused admission.

All tickets and passes for Glastonbury Festival are strictly non-transferable, and therefore we would request that you ensure the non-transferability of tickets is explicit to all potential ticket holders, and within any T&Cs for ticket competitions. 

As tickets are often allocated in pairs, to prevent any attempts to transfer or sell tickets, we advise that you should request the names of any ‘plus ones’ as part of the application for ticket promotions; or at least limit the period for returning the details of ‘plus ones’ to 24 hours from the winner being notified.

If being allocated in pairs, at least one must be aged 18 or over. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied to the Festival by a responsible adult (aged 18 or over, who would usually be the parent, carer, legal guardian or other adult entrusted with the care of that child) who accepts full responsibility and full supervision, at all times, for all under 16s attending under their supervision. Anyone under the age of 16 is not permitted to enter, leave or re-enter the Festival site unaccompanied by their responsible adult. Persons aged 13-15 (teenagers) may be permitted to exit and re-enter the Festival if wearing a “Parental Permission for Exit/Re-entry Wristband”.

If not being allocated in pairs, the ticket holder must be aged 18 or over.

The full Glastonbury ticket T&Cs can be found here and should be shared with all ticket holders and competition entrants.

Under no circumstances should staff or special access passes be used in any promotional activity.

We will arrange delivery of the tickets to one address in mid-June, from which it is your responsibility to dispatch tickets to individual ticket holders/groups.

Tickets will not be released until payment of all fees and invoices have been received.

Lost or stolen tickets will not be replaced. 

Entrants have 1 entry via Instagram and 1 extra entry via TikTok.

TikTok entries count as an extra entry on condition of your Instagram entry and will be checked.

Multiple comments from accounts will not count as multiple entries.


Car Parking Passes

We encourage ticket holders to lift share or use public transport wherever possible. Car parking passes are issued at a maximum of 1 per every 4 tickets. 


Tickets are provided by Glastonbury Festival Events Limited: Registered in England and Wales • Company no. 04348175 •